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  • No-mess peanut crayons


    No mess, non toxic wax crayons. They are also washable- easily wipe off of smooth surfaces, and the crayons themselves can be washed! Available in packs of 12 of 24.

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  • Liquid travel pods with case


    When travelling on holiday or to the gym, large bottles can weigh you down. With these travel pods, you can save space and effort! Each hard case contains 4 pods which you can fill with your chosen liquid, such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturiser etc. Ti dispense from the pod just hold it horizontally and push the button on top.

    Leak proof.

    Easy to refill and clean.

    Suitable for hand luggage.

    Each pod holds 2.5oz

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  • Sink plug strainer


    Do you hate digging bits of waste food out of the plug hole, or emptying the plug into the bin? These universal sink plug drainers will make that job so much easier. The universal fit will sit over most plug holes. The holes in the plug drainer will allow water to filter out while keeping back all the muck- saving your drains from getting blocked up. Then simply carry the plug drainer to the bin, and use the bar to pop the plug drainer inside out, emptying the contents effortlessly into the bin! Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

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  • Magic sweeper


    Every home needs a magic sweeper! These magic sweepers are they perfect mix or a broom and a squeeze! Sweep up any material or a hard surface such as laminate floors, low pile carpets, windows, tiles, patios etc. They can sweep up crumbs, hair, fluff, dust, spilled sauces, and water!

    Also great for cleaning bathroom tiles- reaching right up to the ceiling!

    With a long handle that extends up to 134cm, you can adjust the height to what feels most comfortable for you.

    Hygienic- unlike traditional brooms, these sweepers leave no mess behind and can be rinsed and cleaned under the tap in seconds.

    Adjust the handle from 89cm to 134cm.

    31cm width.

    Colour – GREY

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  • Charcoal exfoliating sponge


    Purity plus activated charcoal exfoliating sponge. Exfoliates and cleanses skin.

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  • Travel straw


    Travel straw set includes- stainless steel collapsible straw, cleaning brush, metal case, and keyring clip.

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  • Water tattoo pens


    These pens come boxed as a pack of 12 and include a ceramic spoon too! They are unlike other pens you have ever seen before.. watch your artwork float on water! We have had great fun testing them. Use the pens to draw on the ceramic spoon while it’s dry, then slowly dip the spoon into the water and watch your drawing peel off and float in the water. You can also gently place a piece of paper on your drawing in the water, and transfer it to your skin like a tattoo! The best bit is.. when you want to take the tattoos off, just rinse in water and done!

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  • Long handled bottle cleaning brush


    These soft and flexible silicone cleaning brushes are tough on dirt, yet gentle enough to leave your favorite vase, glass,  bottle, pitcher, blender, and glassware etc clean and scratch free.

    The long handle means you can reach the base of bottles, and the ridges in the silicone are perfect for cleaning around the top edge of the bottle.

    33 x 3.5 x 3.5cm

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  • Cream vacuum jar


    No more scraping face cream and moisturiser etc into your nails, and no more wasting cream at the bottom of the bottle! These vacuum jars will pump up the cream through the hole on the top as you push down, leaving no waste behind- saving you money!

    Size – 30g

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  • Desktop phone/tablet bracket


    Adjusts to hold any phone or tablet.

    Adjust the height and angle.

    Folds flat for storage.

    Weighted, steady, non slip silicone base.

    Made from aluminium

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  • Set of 2 makeup remover sponges


    Each pack contains 1 pink and 1 black makeup remover sponge.

    Just add water and they’ll take even waterproof mascara off! Rinse and it’s ready to re use.

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  • Battery powered bulb


    Great for garages, sheds, wardrobes, or use as a nightlight or garden decor!

    Require 3AA batteries (not included)

    Includes a long rope string making it easy to hang

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