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  • Deshedding undercoat grooming brush


    Deshedding undercoat grooming brush with button to remove hair. Size. 14cm x 6cm (Approx). Strong stainless steel blades and comfortable soft grip.

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  • Slow pet feeder bowl


    These bowls are designed to help slow your pet down while they eat to help with their digestion.

    Size. 23.5cm x 23.5cm x 5cm (Approx)

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  • Rolling balance feather cat toy


    The Smart Choice Rolling Cat Toy is available in three assorted colours; blue, black and pink. An interactive design that encourages cats to play, stimulates natural hunting instincts and improve balance, the Cat Toy has rolling feet with a changeable and self-righting head for extensive feline fun.


    3 Assorted Colours: Blue, Pink & Black

    With Catnip

    Changeable Head

    Insert Stick to Base

    Feathers & Ball

    With interchangeable feathers and ball heads for pawing and nibbling, the Smart Choice Rolling Cat Toy contains catnip to enhance the fun.

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  • Strong rubber dumbbell dog toy


    The Smart Choice Strong Rubber Toy are summer-inspired designs that help to keep pooches cool in hot conditions. With three assorted colours, the Strong Rubber Toy has a ribbed textured surface that encourage energetic dogs to chew and gnaw whilst satisfying the natural instinct to chew.

    3 Assorted Colours

    Keep It Cool


    Ribbed Texture

    The Smart Choice Strong Rubber Toy is a dumbbell-shaped design that encourages healthy dental hygiene.

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  • Large pet treat container


    The Smart Choice Pet Treat Food Storage Container is a beautiful, charming design decorated with printed pooches to delight any dog lover! Ideal for storage dog biscuits and treats, the Pet Treat Food Storage Container has a robust handle for transporting with a lid for preserving freshness.


    Printed Dog Design


    Material: PP

    Resealable Lid

    The Pet Treat Food Storage Container is an efficient, space-saving design to compliment dog & pet owners’ decor.

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  • 150 rainbow dog poop bags


    The Smart Choice Rainbow Dog Poop Bags includes an assortment of colours to add a splash of colour to your selection of dog accessories. Made from high quality HDPE, the Rainbow Dog Poop Bags includes ten rolls, with 15 bags per roll.

    10 Pack

    15 Bags Per Roll – 150 Pack

    10 Assorted Colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Light

    Green, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Light

    Pink & Pink

    Approx Size: 22cm X29cm

    Material: HDPE

    Weight: 18g per Roll

    Plastic Roll Core

    The Rainbow Dog Poop Bags ensure hygienic, quick and easy dog waste disposal.

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  • Treat dispensing cat toy


    Keep your cat entertained for hours with this toy which encourages them to play as treats will dispense as they play.

    Size. 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 10cm (Approx)

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  • Treat dispensing dog toy


    Keep your dog amused for hours with the rubber toy which rolls and dispenses treats.

    Size. 14.8cm x 8.5cm x 3.6cm (Approx)

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  • Pet ball chucker with flashing ball


    An essential for playing fetch and exercising dogs, the Smart Choice Chucker allows pet owners to launch a squeaking and flashing ball vast distances in parks or at the beach.

    Flashing & Squeaking



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  • Set of 2 rubber pet hair grippers


    Use in the washing machine to collect unwanted hair and lint. Also use around the house to grip onto and remove hair from clothes and soft furnishings.

    Rinse to re use

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  • Pet shampoo massager


    Fill with pet shampoo and massage them with the soft silicone bristles for an enjoyable deep clean.

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  • Super absorbent pet towel


    Microfibre pet towel

    Size. 65x100cm (Approx)

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