Metallic paint marker pens! 

FOR ANY SURFACE! These metallic pens can be used on any surface from paper, glass, plastic, pottery to wood, especially on bright/dark hard surfaces.

These marker pens are made with water-based ink, acid-free, environmental and non-toxic. They are NOT permanent 

Set of 10 metallic markers in the colors of gold, silver, white, pink, olive, green, blue, black, purple and brown

- Using vertically is more effective.
-After using please cap the pen immediately, and lay flat. They will dry out if left open. 
-It can be erased if writing on glass or ceramic smooth surface.
-The ink is liquid ink, for shipping purpose, the pen head will be up for packing. After receiving your pens, put them level for one day, then start using.
-The pen is suitable for writing on the paper, not suitable for car, furniture, plastic, or glass paint repair.

Ready in aprox 5 days 

Metallic paint marker pens