Silicone wraps- no need for cling film or foil!!

Cover food with these REUSABLE airtight food wraps, replacing the need to use cling film or foil! Highly elastic, suitable for bowls of different sizes.

Ideal for storing leftovers, covering dishes, unfinished drinks or any leftover fruits and vegetables. They have a versatile design and stretchable material which allows these lids to stretch to any shape and still provide an airtight seal!!

Material: silicone,food-safe materials,BPA Free.
Diameter: 2.6"/6.6cm,3.8"/9.6cm,4.5"/11.4cm,5.7"/14.4cm,6.5"/16.5cm,8.1"/20.5cm.

They can be frozen, used in the microwave, food grade non-toxic materials, can be used repeatedly for cleaning, more environmentally friendly than cling film, and fresh bags, and saves you money!

Silicone reusable food covers